Learn step by step: How To Form & Operate Land Trusts

Warning: Get That Property Out Of Your Name!

"If You Presently Own Real Estate In Your Own Name Or Even Thinking About Taking Title To Real Estate In Your Own Name, Don't Do it!

"Because After All Would You Walk Around With A Financial Statement Tape To Your Body"?

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur:

If you own real estate or plan to invest in and own real estate in the future, you don't want to own that property in your own name. Why? Because if you do your ownership will be detailed in the public records and anyone can access your information making you extremely vulnerable.

For example, if someone is planning on suing you and they grab a hold of one of those ambulance chasing lawyers that work on a contingent fee basis, that lawyer before they proceed to take on the client, will check the public records to see if you own real estate. Why? Because if the public records show that you own real estate, they know the chances of them getting paid if a judgment is rendered is very high.

You become their target and potential payday by simply making the costly mistake of not concealing your ownership of real estate. Let me reveal to you their dirty little secret of how they determine if they will pursue you or not. They sit back with a calculator and calculate how much equity you presently have in your property and if you have equity in your property, Bingo! They've hit the jackpot!

How do they find out that you have equity in your property? It's very easy. They simply get your mortgage information from the public records, run a few comps ,do a quick calculation and they have what your property's worth down to the penny.

I know that this sounds alarming but it shouldn't be. In this day and age any half-brain moron can find out your information if it is the public records with just a click of the mouse on the internet.

A Land Trust Will Protect Your Privacy And Conceal Your Ownership Of Real Estate

So what is the ultimate solution to avoid this type of a scenario from ever happening to you? By putting your property in a land trust. When you put your property in a land trust, you conceal your ownership of real estate. Land trusts are the ideal weapon for building your inpenetrable wall of defense against schemers, ambulance chasing lawyers or people who just want to sue you just because they know you own real estate.

What is a Land Trust? A Land Trust is an agreement whereby one party (the trustee) agrees to hold ownership of a piece of real property for the benefit of another party (the beneficiary). The trustee holds the legal and equitable title to the property and must follow the instructions of the beneficiary who retains management, control and the right to receive profits from the property.

The bottom line is the property is no longer in your name and you still retain all of the benefits and absolute control. So if and when that ambulance chasing lawyer decides to target you, they will discover through the public records that you don't have any piece of real estate in your name. On paper, you appear to be broke. Just the way you would like it!

After they have discovered this "bad news", that ambulance chasing lawyer and others like him will be completely discouraged from taking on the client and the case. You have completely stopped them in their tracks by simply putting your property in a Land Trust.

What about those darn tenants?

As a real estate investor depending on what type of investing that you do you will inevitably become a landlord with tenants and tenants are known to sue landlords, which makes it necessary for you to have superior asset protection to safeguard your assets as well as your financial future.

Personally, as a real estate investor and business owner I never take title to property in my own name or even put assets in my own name. I use Landtrusts, LLCs, and Family limited partnerships because of their asset protection features and plus it allows me to mask my ownership, especially in the case of real estate.

A very effective strategy that I use with Land Trusts and you can also use if you are a landlord with tenants is present yourself as being the manager of the property, instead of representing that you are the owner. Not only does this save you headaches, but it drastically cuts down on lawsuits, simply because of the perception that you are"just the measly manager of the property" instead of the true owner.

When a tenant checks the public records in search of the owner of the property they will see that you are not the owner, in fact they would see that a trust owns the property and be more than likely unfamiliar on what a Land Trust actually is since the property's ownership is not associated with someone's personal name.

Now that you have an idea of what Land Trusts are it is time for you to learn the secrets of how to form and operate them.

Currently, I am offering a home study course entitled "How To Form And Operate Land Trusts" that will show you step by step guide how to create a Land Trust from scratch in your specific state and how to effectively manage and operate it.

You will learn the following:

How to set up a Land Trust
Trust Law
Duties of The Trustee
The role of Beneficiaries
Understanding The Legal Characteristics Of Land Trusts
Living Trust Vs. Testamentary
Revocable Trust Vs. Irrevocable Trust
Other Forms of Trusts that you can use to protect your assets
Creative real estate investing strategies using Land Trusts
How To Sell A Land Trust Property
Benefits and advantages of using Land Trusts to hold title to real estate
Tax Implications of Land Trusts
How to use Land Trusts in Your Overall Asset Protection Strategy
How to get around "The Due On Sale Clause"


  • You get a state by state analysis on what you need to do to make a Land Trust valid in the state where your property is located.
  • You will learn step by step how to fill out the required forms to create your Land Trust.

And Much Much More............

You Will Receive In This Amazing Package:

1 Manual

3 Audio Cds

1 Forms CD

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Spencer Ross San Diego, California

"I have a few home study courses by some well known real estate gurus and none of them covered the subject of land trusts quite as well as you do. This course is easy to read and understand and you make filling out the necessary forms so easy".
Lisa Lopez Bronx, New York

So How Much For This Incredible Resource?

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as part of a high-priced seminar where I charged at least $1,200 per person.

But instead of going to all the trouble of arranging for a room and taking time out of my schedule - I settled on this home study course as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me). That's why the entire course is only $297(plus $19.95 shipping & handling). Plus you are protected by my rock solid, you can't lose personal guarantee.

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This makes it absolutely risk-free to try out. If it doesn't have the information that I say it does, and more, if it doesn't offer you highly practical, usable methods that will help you protect yourself from lawsuits by utilizing Land Trusts there's no risk involved. You can get every dime of your money back under my no-loopholes guarantee.



Omar Johnson
- If you own real estate or are a real estate investor this course is a must!

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